Exploring Different Types Of Clicking Techniques

You have to respond rapidly to particular scenarios in a lot of contemporary video games. But to achieve that, you must have a high click-per-second rate (CPS).

When playing your favorite video games, do you want to boost your clicking speed? Consequently, this essay is for you. Several techniques to aid in raising your CPS through CPS Test can be found in this post. 

You click more quickly and play more effectively with a higher CPS. You may boost mouse click speed by using several clicking techniques. The following list includes some of the most common techniques:

Jitter Clicking

Jitter Clicking uses the vibration of your arms to speed up the game performance. This technique involves rapidly pressing the mouse button to carry out numerous game actions.

When jitter clicking, you exert pressure on your hands until they begin to vibrate. You then employ the vibrating effect to press the buttons more quickly.

Keep in mind that you do not need to flex your finger muscles in this situation; instead, you should tighten your arm to create a powerful vibration that extends all the way to your fingertips. 

Make sure that only your fingers touch the surface beneath your mouse in order to get the most out of jitter clicking.

This method encourages higher CPS while reducing vibration blocking. Remember that practice will make perfect; you won’t be able to master this skill overnight. 

The typical click speed during jitter clicking is around 6 CPS. When you work as a professional, your CPS can range from 9 to 12.

Jittering Technique: Advantages and Drawbacks

The Jittering technique has the advantage that it may be performed using a standard office mouse. On a gaming mouse, though, jittering is made simpler by the lighter clicks. They don’t hurt or strain up your arm all that much.

Additionally, in comparison to other strategies, it offers you more clicks per second. The drawback of jitter clicking is that making the button tense can harm your health.

Butterfly Clicking

To increase clicking speed, the butterfly clicking technique was devised. This method requires you to alternately click the mouse button with two fingers placed on it. Use your middle and index fingers when clicking the butterfly to maximize its effectiveness. When you use a mouse to click in butterfly clicking, the mouse records two clicks per second.

In this case, suppose that the butterfly clicking will count as two clicks even though you are only clicking once. However, perfecting this clicking technique requires practice and is not simple.

The experience affects the CPS rate differently. A novice can complete up to five CPS scores. However, professional users of Butterfly clicking can get 15–25 clicks per second.

Butterfly Technique: Advantages and Drawbacks

The player utilizes two fingers during butterfly clicking to increase the CPS rate. These two fingers provide better control and work well for gaming. 

Because the fingers are involved, the strain is split into two areas, which lessens the agony of the clicking. 

The contentious method of Butterfly clicking, however, is its biggest drawback. Due to the debate, several Minecraft servers, including Hypixel, have banned this practice.

Drag Clicking

As the name implies, you utilize this method to mislead the mouse into making several clicks by dragging your fingers across the button firmly.

The mouse captures the movement as clicks even if you are moving your hand from the bottom to the top portion of the mouse, recording numerous clicks rather than just one.

Other names for this technique are Fazer tapping and Tap clicking, however, they all function the same way as Drag clicking.

If you believe drag-clicking to be a simple operation, you are mistaken. The method entails more than just swiping the mouse with the fingers.

Most significantly, you must practice and use a mouse with a considerably higher tolerance for drag clicking than others.

To perfect the technique, hold the mouse normally while placing your middle and index fingers on the top of the device. To conduct a drag click, gently press the mouse button down while flicking your wrist at an angle.

Allow your finger to pass through the button without using too much force. You may easily achieve 30+ clicks per second with drag clicking. But it will take a lot of work to become a master.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Drag Clicking

The drag-clicking method has several benefits, but its ability to quickly produce a 30 CPS score without tensing your arm or finger is it's most important one. 

There are certain drawbacks, though, such as the extreme wear and tear on the mouse switches, which shortens their useful lifespan.

Additionally, some games forbid this activity, just as butterfly clicking. Make sure the game service provider permits tap clicking and does not forbid te service before employing the drag-clicking technique. The ultimate key is to practice techniques with CPS Test online and be a pro gamer.

Kohi Clicking

Kohi clicking is another technique used to achieve high click speeds in gaming. It involves rapidly tapping the mouse button using two or three fingers, typically the index and middle fingers, to maximize clicking efficiency.

To perform Kohi clicking effectively, rest your hand comfortably on the mouse and position your index and middle fingers over the button. Then, rapidly alternate between pressing the button with each finger, creating a fast and continuous clicking motion.

The click speed achieved through Kohi clicking can vary depending on the individual's skill level and practice. Novice users may achieve click speeds of around 8 to 10 CPS, while experienced players can reach 15 to 20 CPS or higher.

Kohi Clicking: Advantages and Drawbacks

One advantage of Kohi clicking is that it allows for a relatively high click speed while maintaining control and accuracy. The technique utilizes multiple fingers, distributing the strain across them and reducing the risk of finger fatigue.

However, like other advanced clicking techniques, Kohi clicking can put a strain on the mouse switches, potentially leading to premature wear and reduced durability. Additionally, some gaming platforms or servers may have rules or restrictions regarding Kohi clicking, so it's important to check the guidelines before using this technique.